Devin Nagata

Where it began

I've been helping people improve their bodies even before I became a professional trainer. In college, a friend asked if I could show him how to get stronger, bigger, and simply look and feel better. And we got there together. That experience exposed me to the amazing feeling of helping someone else succeed. It also led me to change my major and graduate with a B.A. in Kinesiology and Sports Exercise & Wellness. Playing football at the same time only helped to fuel my passion. Taking my body to the peak of my physical ability was the fun part; recovering from a few injuries was the learning part. The set backs taught me how to re-build my resilience and strength, and my classroom knowledge taught me how to successfully approach recovery so that I could get back on top. 

Where I went

After college, I decided to move back to California, and what better place to land than the Bay Area. However, even with all of my experience in the gym and working with athletes in a team setting, I still felt like a rookie. As I began to excel as a trainer, I also began to teach classes, and got back to my roots as a fitness coach and also as an entertainer - I tend to dance in class, and continue to rely on music as a form of motivation. After thousands of sessions and classes and many amazing clients, I knew that this was what I was meant to do. Working in partnership with others to help them reach their full potential is what also allows me to reach mine. 

Where I'm going

They say that with change comes growth, but with growth also comes change. After years and countless hours of hard work alongside my clients, I've learned what I do best and have grown into one of the most well-respected and recognized trainers in the Bay Area. I love what I do every day. And I am incredibly proud to launch Left Coast Fitness Consulting. My past, current, and future clients are my family. And we succeed together.